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Get personal insights — and help people working on solutions for this crisis. Track possible symptoms over time and access a global heat map so you know if youʼre living in a risk zone. If everybody shares the map with family and friends, we can be faster and smarter than the virus. Itʼs simple, anonymous, and free.

Track COVID symptoms over time and access a heat map of your neighborhood. If everybody invites his friends, we can outsmart the virus.

We donʼt have to be passive onlookers


Everyone wants to get through the pandemic as quickly and safely as possible. But how do we know weʼre doing the right thing?

In the age of technology, physical distancing should not keep us from working together. As entrepreneurial people who help companies creatively overcome problems, we didnʼt want to just sit and wait for news about our health and families. Given our backgrounds in medicine, IT and engineering, we developed an app, an app that helps you to be part of the solution.


Track your health and possible symptoms over time. Help experts understand this global pandemic in a better way.



Add the location of your quarantine and get access to a global heat map so you know if you are living in a low or high risk zone.



Make your data available for further analysis and to develop new approaches to help you and the people around you. Weʼre all in this together.


If we donʼt do our part

Why joining forces is our only option

We will not understand the spread of the disease as well as we could, preventing authorities from making better decisions and resulting in more casualties.

You might live in fear and uncertainty even though your neighbourhood is safe.

Lockdowns could last longer than necessary

What weʼre working on

More ways to support your local community

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Mental wellbeing assessment

02 /

Integration of medical and lifestyle data from our app Riva — Digital Pulse.

03 /

Dashboard for data analytics and campaigns.

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Itʼs secure, anonymous, and free

Be part of fighting the virus

Data is stored in a highly secure server in Switzerland. We only need your email for communication and reset your password.

Co19 & Me — help you at home or at work



Join now! Donʼt forget to invite your friends — the more we are, the faster we can fight the virus.



Get in touch if youʼre interested in using the data for your research



Pinpoint shifts in personal wellbeing of your workforce in the sense of an early warning system. Get in touch if youʼre interested in a partner- and/or sponsorship.



Help your citizens to keep track of their health and offer dedicated help where it is needed.

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